ETL is Groovy

May 06 2012

Groovy is a powerful concise language that has many aspects that lend itself well to ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) jobs. It has similarities to languages like Perl, Ruby and other scripting languages, but has the advantage of being able to easily hook into the Java ecosystem of third party libraries. This article intends to review some of the language […]

Oracle Exadata: Ensuring smart scan offload processing with “insert as select”

Apr 06 2012

One of the key performance enhancing features of Oracle Exadata Database is the offloading of query processing down to the storage layer. Only relevant rows and columns are returned to the database server. As a result, much less data travels over the Infiniband interconnect, dramatically improving the performance and concurrency of queries. However, there is […]

Import a subset of table columns using Oracle Data Pump

Mar 06 2012

Importing data is most efficient when you load only the columns you need into the target database. This becomes apparent when importing unnecessary LOB columns, which can slow down an import significantly. One method of limiting which columns to import is to first only export the columns you need. You can create a temporary table […]

Generating an Explain Plan in DB2 9.7 for LUW

Mar 04 2012

Similar to Oracle’s EXPLAIN PLAN statement and MySQL’s EXPLAIN statement, DB2 provides an EXPLAIN PLAN statement which generates information about the access plan chosen for the specified statement. The information is then placed into explain tables for reference. However, there are times when you simply want to see the explain plan displayed in a hierarchical format with […]

Vector Graphics Processing in Java

Aug 02 2011

Most common computer images are stored as arrays of pixel data or raster graphics. Formats such as PNG, and JPEG are classic examples of this. Vector Graphics are stored as operations that are instead “code” for drawing the image on the fly. In this article we will explore using a few different open source libraries to convertEMF, Postscript […]