Big Data

Manage Data to Gain Insight

Data Works helps organizations ensure their customers have fast and ubiquitous access to mission critical information and services. This often includes building resiliency and scalability from the ground up to engineer systems that meet or exceed rigorous service-level agreements even in the face of Big Data. Our portfolio includes NoSQL systems built upon Apache Cassandra and HBase in multi-datacenter configurations to provide scale-out performance while ensuring availability. When milliseconds count in delivering information to key personnel or when a service-level breach means a loss of confidence, Data Works succeeds at ensuring the systems we build support peak capacity and meet our customers’ needs.

Data Works also helps organizations meet today's ever-present need for quick access to business intelligence data. By leveraging Big Data analytical platforms such as Hadoop with Hive and Pig in conjunction with modern Data Science algorithms, Data Works builds systems that yield actionable intelligence from massive amounts of data. This business intelligence is often then fed back into multidimensional OLAP data marts to power advanced visualization techniques and reporting for executives, decision makers and analysts.