Security at the Data Store

Data Works has brought experience in cybersecurity to many of our customer's projects and programs. Protecting our client's data is as important as building applications that deliver rich content to users quickly. Data Works consultants have secured customers' data while ensuring performance remains optimal - an important combination when managing large enterprise applications that must scale as new data is acquired. Thorough auditing of user activity is critical for detection of malicious activity. By implementing targeted and granular audit policies at multiple levels of the technology stack, an organization can gain important insight about who is performing what activities and when.

Data Works provides expertise in managing authorization of data access, particularly at the database level where it is most critical. Our consultants have delivered tightly controlled database applications leveraging Fine Grained Access Control to create Virtual Private Databases. Implementing row level security at the table level allows organizations to maintain complex rules for user access based on how the data is labeled and the roles provisioned to the user. The result is an environment where multiple users access the same database, but can only view and modify data that they have been granted access to. Customers can feel confident that their data is secure and protected not only from malicious agents outside the organization, but also trusted users within the organization.